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Why Us

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1. Nice English-speaking accompanies!
Our English-speaking colleagues will accompany you from beginning of the airport meeting to the end of the airport return. He/she will be your good friend, interpreter, story teller and a good photographer, as well, and also makes sure that you will come back to the airport on time and the trip is stress free!

2. Concentrate!
Unlike other tour companies, we don’t operate many tours but only focus on short tours which starts from Beijing airport, thus we can concentrate more on our products and services. Always be on time. No matter what time you will exit at the airport, you will see us at the exit while holding your name on a board or at the appointed places such as Starbucks.

3. Professional!
To make China-entry easier and faster, we will issue a travel confirmation letter to our customers, in which has our agency’s introduction on it, they may present this letter to the border officer, it will reduce the checking time and make the process faster.

4. No hidden fees and tourist trap!
We value your money and time, we will never bring our customers to any shops, and factory or commission based restaurants. We only offer high-end service which will make the best use of your money and time.

5. Safe Ride!
Our cars are Clean, decent and non-smoking. Besides, we also offer tissue, bottled water and phone charger in the car. During winter time, considering that many customers coming from warm places such Thailand, and temperature gap is huge between two places. Therefore, we will prepare some down jackets while they’re climbing on the wall. Also, when people hike on some unrestored great wall sections such here at Huanghuacheng Great wall, its quiet steep and a bit of dangerous, we will offer mountains sticks.

6. Quick response and Flexible!
No matter when and what time you drop us an email or a reservation, we will write you back within 5 hours. Sometimes in just few minutes. When your layover time is short, early or late arrival. We will try our best to make a nice plan which works well for your timetable. For example, some people arrive in the late afternoon when the Great wall is closed. We will recommend another section which is accessible all the time.

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Winter Jackets keep you warm
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