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Warning: Airport Illegal Taxi

Warning: Airport Illegal Taxi

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Each Beijing airport terminals has many illegal taxies. Those people will keep their eyes on each foreign visitor and talk to them “sir/madam, do you need a taxi, cheap, fast…”. They will become persisted and follow you for long if you talk or show an interest to them. No matter what you ask “are you from travel agency, are you the tour guide from ……., are you with….” they will reply yes and the only goal is to make you sit in their own cars and charge you lots lots more than regular taxi. It happened to our customers before. Therefore, if you travel with us or other travel agencies please notice that our staffs will hold a sign with your name on. Please do not go with any people who doesn’t know your name or without a sign in hands.
If you travel alone and would like to take a taxi to the hotel, please follow the signs to the taxi line which is right outside the airport.

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