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Free Talor-Made

If you want to see Beijing as much as possible during your stay in Beijing, or if you already have a plan with some your favorite places, or if you want to eat somewhere in Beijing , or if you want to visit your friends in Beijing......please just drop those information with your arrival and departure flight information to us, our tour sales will tell you how does it work well and make a tour itinerary with a reasonable price to you.

Some other travel agancy may charge some fees before proceed a talor-made tour, as it take some time to work a talor-made tour out. But you don't worry here with us, because our travel agency offer free online chat service when travlers visit our website, so you don't have to download any app or software but talk with us online freely. You can ask questions and help refer to Beijing 24-144 Free-visa policy and Layover Tours. And our utmost sincerity is the talor-made service is still free whatever you would go with our company. And also, we can help you to check if the talor-made tour you get from others is good enough or not.

What factors are important for a talor-made tour:

  • The date of your arrival

  • The length of your layover

  • The instance between attractions

  • Traffic/ road condition

  • Arrival flight time/ departure flight time

  • Tour season

  • Physical condition

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