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Free Cancellation

You are warmly welcomed to get out of Beijing airport to see something during your layover in Beijing. That would be great to let you have some fresh air and stretch your legs. But however, changes may faster than plan and sometimes make people miss their layover tour in Beijing, so we offer free cancellation service to reduce our customer's loss and dispel their concerns before make reservation. Here are the details:

People are eligible to the free cancellation if they would meet the following conditions:

  • Travelers may cancel up to 24 hours before their start date in the local timezone.

  • Travelers may cancel their trip due to flight delay.

  • Travelers may cancel their trip due to visa issue.

Your money will go back to your Paypal Account or Credit Card in around 20 days. If you would not get your money, please feel free to contact us.

Beijing Airport Tours wish you a pleasant trip in Beijing!

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