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Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the northeast suburb of Beijing, China. It is 25 kilometers from the center of Beijing in the southwest and 67 kilometers from Beijing Daxing International Airport in the south. It is a 4F class international airport, one of three major gateway complex hubs in China, a member of the international air cargo hub group in Bohai Rim region, and a super large airport in the world.

Beijing Capital International Airport was built in 1958. Airport terminal one was completed and put into use in 1980. In 1999, airport Terminal T2 was officially put into use, while Terminal T1 was closed for renovation, and it reopened in 2004. In the spring of 2008, the airport expansion (Terminal T3) was completed.

As of July 2017, Beijing Capital International Airport had three terminals with a total area of 1.41 million square meters; There are two 4F class racetracks and one 4E class racetrack, with length and width of 3,800×60 meters, 3,200×50 meters and 3,800×60 meters respectively. There are 314 plane parking places and a total of 252 domestic and foreign air routes have been opened.

From 1978 to 2018, the annual passenger throughput of Beijing Capital International Airport increased from 1.03 million to 101 million, ranking the first in Asia and the second in the world. So many people come to Beijing, that means tours from Beijing Capital Airport must be very popular. In order to provide the most convenient layover tour services to foreigners, Beijing Airport Tours offer Great Wall tour from airport, Beijing City tour from airport and other popular layover tours. We also have car rental service from Beijing Capital Airport cater to someone just want to do sightseeing in Beijing.

Popular Tours Start from Beijing Capital Airport
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Tour Code: ALT01
Destination: Mutianyu Great Wall
Tour Price: From US$45/person
Availability: everyday!
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Beijing 6-7 Hours Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace Layover Tour
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Tour Price: From US$60/person
Availability: Not available on Monday
8 Hours Forbidden City and Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour
Tour Code: ALT05
Destination: Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City
Tour Price: From US$60/person
Availability: Not available on Monday
4 Hours Beijing City Night Layover Tour
Tour Code: ALT04
Destination: Olympic park, Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing food street
Tour Price: From US$55/person
Availability: everyday!
4 Hours Beijing Great Wall Sunrise Layover Tour
Tour Code: ALT017
Destination: Wild Great Wall
Tour Price: From US$68/person
Availability: everyday!
4 Hours Huanghuacheng Wild Great Wall Layover Tour
Tour Code: ALT018
Destination: Wild Great Wall
Tour Price: From US$60/person
Availability: everyday!
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